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“After suffering the loss of my son, Tiaralyn has been very instrumental in helping me cope.  She gave and continues to give me invaluable advice and direction which has helped me adapt to my new normal.  She helped me re-evaluate what is important to me and gave me the tools to take it one day at a time and for that I am forever grateful.”

- C.Banks

“Tiaralyn and I meet in 2013. She and I worked for a property management firm. Tiaralyn was/is a great source of information, poised, and honest. She provided great training and support not only to me but to our colleagues as well. She and I built a friendship that lead to her becoming my mentor. Now, although I am older than her, she gave me great direction. 

During that time, I carried burdens that were not mine to carry. Because of this, I built this hard shell around myself to protect me from hurt and to hide my scars from those who did not know me. I was once told by someone who barely knew me, that I wear my pain like a jacket. Then I knew it was time to release it. Tiaralyn began to meet with me listening not only with her ears but her heart. She gave me assignments that were engaging to help me begin to release those who I had not forgiven. Tiaralyn also held me accountable for my assignments, which pushed me to do what was best for me. Tiaralyn and her teaching helped me understand that it’s okay to feel hurt, to grieve, and to recover. By releasing the issues, I begin to care for myself just as I cared for those around. I have forgiven my mother and father for things that tainted our relationship. And I have a good relationship with them. Thank you Tiara for helping me break my shell!”

R. Thomas

“Tiaralyn modeled how to prioritize and schedule my time to bring more balance to my life. She invited me to join her in healthy habits that gave her energy throughout the day such as taking a break, lunch, and take a walk outside. I was newer to managing and had already set up bad habits. Joining her in setting up time to gain energy along with scheduling tasks and setting daily goals allowed me to be more available for my team, be more efficient during the day, and get off work on time to spend time with my family.  Her leadership and friendship encouraged me in both my professional and personal life to be more successful and happy.”

-M. Mull 

“Tiaralyn is definitely taking the lead and living her dream. Her passion for people is so infectious that just the thought of her inspires me to be a better person. Her inspiration has equipped me and encouraged me to step into all that God has created and called me to be. She is definitely a leader of the pack, a innovative trend setter and a difference maker who has been chosen for such a time as this to impact and advance the Kingdom.”

T. Strawbridge

“Tiaralyn has been a wonderful teacher, instructor, and leader. It can be work or personal life and she is going to give you 100% truth & honesty in developing a healthy & stable look on life. Tiaralyn is a very positive,  proactive, professional, enthusiastic, loving, passionate and a devoted person to reaching her goals. She is equally devoted to pushing others to do whatever their heart desires as well. She is the person who does not just talk, but can walk the walk.”

-K. Ganey

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