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In order to “get it done”, you have got to ”GET TO DOING IT”!

Your life movement has to be ACTION! It is not good enough just to have hopes and dreams. No goal or plan, wish or way forward is going to materialize without the deliberate practice of effort and consistency that is disciplined and designed for your specific desire.


You can be almost anything that you set your mind, mouth, heart, and body to. Especially when you follow the best steps for your specific want. 

You have to be dedicated. 

You have to be deliberate. 

You have to be decisive. 

You have to be determined.


But most important, YOU HAVE TO BE R. E. A. L.


Every Life Coach has a philosophy. There are millions of books and theories on the ideas of transformation, growth, change, success, and prosperity. There are courses and workshops taught and facilitated by experts in every possible field of study and exercise of the mind, body, and soul. In today’s age of social media and instant access to information, it is almost impossible to exist daily without being inundated with optimism and hope by virtue of scripture, image, or audio recording of some motivating/inspiring speaker. And the words keep coming.


But according to studies across the world, individuals today are more depressed, more discouraged, and more desperate than at any other time in history. Medications for anxiety and conditions that are related to stress or pain are being prescribed at alarming numbers. Suicide rates are higher than they should be and rising among demographics across the spectrum. People are sad, hopeless, and empty. Violence and disconnection seem to permeate culture and community with an unabated ease. 


What is going on?


Well, I believe that one of the BIGGEST issues facing us is our refusal, inability, or neglect to face ourselves! We have on too much makeup, wear too many costumes, and have too many disguises that we use to hide ourselves from who we really are. We aren’t “real” with ourselves and that makes it extremely difficult to be real with anyone or in anything! 

That is where I am here to help!

The key to your success is to simply Be R.E.A.L.:

R. (Recognize)

E. (Expect)

A. (Act)

L. (Live)


Each individual - because we all have significantly different life experiences, journeys, challenges, and stories- requires a different approach or method in route to the personal victory that they seek. There are many factors that present challenge to those wins but I firmly believe that the process begins in honesty, transparency, and authenticity. Being able to acknowledge and accept the reality of our own circumstances enables ownership of OUR individual power and gives us both the permission and authority to take control of our lives! There is a formula to attaining that kind of victory and I have developed and designed specific programs and practical methods that are proven to work!


Contact me for a personalized consultation and let’s get you where you deserve to be!

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